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    • Children and Adolescents in Nature – Pietro Ostano (South Africa/Italy)

    • Breathwork: breathing within nature – Marta Grabowska (Poland)

    • Wild Waters: working with oceans and rivers - Manuela Renzi (Italy)

    • Human systems, forest systems: Embodiment for nature connection - Vivian Winterhoff (USA)

    • Colours of Nature: personal development and emotions through nature – Marta Ayats (Spain)

    • Nature Based Well-being Plan (The Nature De-Stress System) - Pedro M. Trindade (Portugal)

    • Forest Therapy Interventions: case studies, a grounded approach from more than 20 pilot projects – Alex Gesse (Spain)

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    • The revolution of Forest Bathing: Mental Health

    • "Healthy Cities”, ecosystems and Forest Bathing: victims of gender violence